Product Design and Development

Research. Design. Deliver

Product Design and Development

Research. Design. Deliver


We help companies and organisations to grow, maximising opportunities, driving innovation and building strategies for future success.

Our Approach

The RDD+ team combines a broad range of talent and experience across multiple disciplines. Our approach is defined by our core principles, working in partnership with our clients to create unique solutions.

Innovation – Bringing a fresh, creative approach to challenge barriers, striving to create user focused solutions that exceed expectations.

Strategy – Working in collaboration with our clients, using insight, experience and analytics to develop a clear and future proof strategic direction.

Delivery – From concept to reality, by the highly skilled, experienced development and implementation teams - executing concept, vision and strategy to deliver market leading solutions

Our Process

Our pathway to success, developing concepts from initial ideas to market leading propositions.  Projects transition through their phases, building and refining before commitment to develop and launch.  The process is bespoke for every project depending on requirements to ensure rapid and agile delivery.

Generating great concepts driven by insight, vision and user engagement.  Intensive creativity
Building success into concepts by reviewing concepts against business and commercial requirements
Creating and fully delivering leading products and services through  experienced engineering and inspired design
Delivering market ready products and campaigns to accelerate market growth and access new customers

Combining the experience of the team and the core elements of the process, ideas and concepts can be fully scoped, working through each phases to filter and refine before investing time and resources into the delivery and launch phases.

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RDD is a proven, results orientated product development company. delivering Ideas, Innovation, Engineering, Industrial Design, Prototypes.
People focus. Technology focus. Business focus. Patent focus. Real world insights that define and create better products.

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