Product Design and Development

Product Development

Smart and agile development


Deploying skill and experience to make concepts reality through detailed development from engineering, industrial design and software teams, we have a Market leading development capability.
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Design for Manufacture

We have vast experience in production and operations, all products are designed with manufacturing capability and production efficiency at the core of our process, interfacing directly with our full implementation and support service teams.


We are fully focused on the challenges of product certification, standards alignment and QA. We fully support all aspects of conformance, creating robust testing regimes and managing these vital activities through to fully tested, certified, and validated products aligned with any nominated global market requirement.
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Creating unique IP to protect innovation ensuring new developments do not infringe existing IP are core elements of our development process. We significant experience in delivering smart IP solutions.

Manufacturing support

We have a proven track record in implementation of new products,, working with manufacturers and supply chains in many regions and can offer assistance with factory selection, partnerships and a full suite of services to ensure delivery of projects on cost, on time, in full, and on quality.
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