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NEO garden cordless range case study


At RDD we have many years of experience in the research, design and delivery of garden tools and equipment. From the days of AC electric, through gasoline power and now into truly capable cordless battery-operated tools we’ve always worked to push the boundaries of what can be done. 

We’re very fortunate to have been chosen by NEO to partner them in the development of a new generation of brushless garden power tools.

Like us, NEO were not prepared to go to market with yet another generic range of ‘regular’ garden power tools, instead their ambition was to make their mark by changing perceptions of what is possible within this category.

Our research program developed an understanding of the future of the market and end user needs and priorities, we created a bold new range of tools combining powerful performance, user focussed features and energy efficient technology.  

The new NEO design language is a real step change within the category and forms the basis of an ever-widening range of tools that carry forward this striking new design language, where every form, detail and finish is a vital part of the program.
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