Lumoral utilises Koite’s unique patented photodynamic treatment technology, the result of many years research and trials.
RDD+ fully supported the development of this medical level product from initial concept through to tooling and volume production. Depending on the full skill set of our organisation, across a number of disciplines, including research, ergonomics, engineering innovation, industrial design, DFM, prototyping and testing, conformance and certification, tooling, factory implementation and quality assurance.
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This is a radical innovation in dental hygiene, derived from significant advancements in understanding in the benefits of what really drives dental health, and in innovation in treatment applications, developed through research, trials and testing.
RDD+ worked in partnership with Koite to develop an all-new device, taking advantage of innovation in Photo Dynamic Technology (PDT) to create an all-new consumer ready product platform.  This new treatment delivers real world advancement in oral hygiene along with broader health benefits.
Patented Technology – Lumoral® applies patented dual-light PDT. Dual-light PDT has clearly shown excellent antibacterial properties in repeated use without resistance formation, ensuring long term benefit with regular use.
The system works by using a simple two-step process, first a specially formulated mouthwash, Lumorinse, followed by applying the patented Lumarol PDT light via the mouthpiece.  Lumorinse is supplied in the form of soluble tablets that create the photosensitive mouthwash.
Even after a single use of Lumoral, the user can immediately feel the teeth increased smoothness as Lumoral antibacterial action removes the microscopic biofilm from the teeth surface.
Healthcare advantages
Among the most difficult problems in dentistry are tooth decay and periodontitis (long-term inflammation of the gingival tissue). These diseases are caused by bacterial biofilms.
Lumoral helps to manage biofilm bacteria. Gingival disorders are associated with the development of several chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, rheumatism, and diabetes. The Lumoral method improves oral hygiene and can eliminate bacteria, the ultimate goal being to improve overall health.
The interaction between Lumoral’s photodynamic therapy and antibacterial blue light has been shown to be highly effective against harmful oral bacteria.
The Lumarol device enables regular and convenient use, it can just as easily be used in a clinical environment or at home. Lumorinse has been developed to easily attach to dental plaque, ensuring the antibacterial effect is targeted at the key areas required for maximum benefit.
Picture. Left: Porphyromonas gingivalis bacterial culture on a blood agar base. Right: A similar bacterial culture inactivated by the Lumoral method.
User insight
RDD+ was selected specifically to drive the integration of innovation, technology, and chemistry into a consumer product – taking a lab concept to a commercial proposition.
User research and testing was key to success.  Consumer insight and user trials help to inform the design direction, driving the project through series of product layouts, eventually moving to the mouthpiece design as the most convenient, easy to use format to maximise the benefits of the treatment.
The design direction was hugely influenced by ergonomic factors, performance, and the specific product use case.  Medical performance, hygiene and long-term durability were all key factors in developing a successful product.
From the project outset the key challenge was to build a market leading product to deliver all the health benefits developed in research, that consumers could easily understand and engage with.
Design and development
The product design is driven by the alignment of technical innovation with user needs found through in-depth research, and the focus required to create a successful, relevant consumer product.
The Lumoral system delivers PTD benefit via a combination of elements – mouthpiece, controller, power pack, and Lumorinse tablets. 
The mouthpiece and controller are designed specifically for ease of use, development of the electronics to drive the LED technology and manage the control board being fundamental to success.  Our comprehensive in-house team also developed the smart software required for effective treatment and an enhanced user experience.
The power pack is also optimised for the specific Lumoral application, from cell selection to battery management, delivering over 3 hours of necessary power to the mouthpiece and providing up to 2 months usage between charges, ensuring regular use by maximising convenience.
RDD+ supported Koite through the full process from front end research and design to implementation.
Development of materials, specific moulding and assembly techniques, followed by full support of the tooling and sampling phases ensured delivery of high-quality transparent components to guarantee PTD effectiveness, without compromise to overall medical level performance, hygiene, and durability.
Our team also ensured full Certification conformance, and ongoing QA guidance to ensure the product successfully meets Class 1 medical approval according to IEC 60601 in the U.S.A. and market specific approvals and certification in other key territories.

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