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Portable Lithium Power Station

RDD recently developed a new Portable Lithium Power Station for Sharp Group. Sometimes known as a Solar Generator, this device can also be charged up from a solar panel for even cleaner energy supply. 

It has versatile array of power outputs, such as AC, 12v, USB, and is even suitable for running sensitive electronic devices. It features a series of user-oriented features, giving clear information showing power output and input, runtime, and even helps to orientate the solar panel for maximum power gain. Multiple generators can be ‘daisy chained’ for even longer lasting power, so whether used singly or in multiples it offers a great alternative to Gasoline generators without noise, fumes or maintenance. 

RDD used its user insights work as a foundation for our design teams to create a product suitable for use in a wide range of environments and for a broad range of users, from home & recreation through to more challenging jobsite applications.

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