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Trito Workcentre case study


Triton Tools was built on the success of the original WorkCentre. The unique multi-function woodworking bench established the triton brand in workshops around the world in the 1970s and 80’s.

Zoom forward 30 years and the WorkCentre had become something of an anachronism. Latest versions were expensive to produce, difficult to ship,  not accurate enough for modern users and would take a whole day to assemble. Their ‘unique’ multi function features required face to face training to be used safely, and as existing production tooling was being worn out, Triton had to choose to continue to invest in the product or cut their losses. It looked very much like ‘multi-function’ equated to ‘not good enough at anything’, and certainly not worth investing in.

RDD conducted a broad review of Tritons business objectives and positioning, what could the future look like? How could Triton increase their earnings? How could they attract new customers around the world without losing their existing loyal end user groups? How could they achieve this with careful investment to ensure new products could pay their way and produce sustainable margins? In short, how could Triton Grow?

Out of this review came many possibilities, driven by insight and analysis,  one of which was the opportunity relaunch an all new workcenter for the 21st century.

This time around the new WorkCentre would be accurate, easy to use, portable and require no user assembly. It would use modern production techniques, and a clear path would be made between investment and payback.  Most importantly ‘multi function’ would no longer mean any compromise in performance.

At the heart of the WorkCentre is a robust extruded Aluminium ‘bench’ this bench is easy to move around the jobsite or workshop, its top surface features a durable microdot finish, and a big rectangular hole.

Into the hole a whole range of powered and non-powered modules can be added – Table Saw, Router table, Clamping Table, Powered Planer, Powered Drum Sander, Dust Extraction Table, Flooring Saw. Every module features specifications and operation as good as any leading stand-alone product in the market. Triton’s customers choosing a WorkCentre and high-performance module should be able to pay same cost as the equivalent stand-alone competitor, without any compromise in operation. Once into the WorkCentre platform, the user can add more functionality as and when they need, and at a competitive cost, ensuring long term loyalty to the Triton brand.

A number of smart features within the bench ensure continuous accuracy with every module, and make it easy to change from one module to another in a matter of seconds, without compromising safety. RDD were able to help Triton formulate new patents to protect their position in the market for many years to come.

RDD supported the project through its full implementation into new manufacturing facilities, and supported the product through its launch cycle, including trade fairs around the world and directly with their retail customers.

The success of the project has seen the Workcenter transition from a novel product loved by home enthusiasts to a product being used everywhere form home setups to professional jobsites and workshops.

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