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Sonic MSS+ workshop system case study


Sonic is the market leader in workshop systems. Their equipment can be found everywhere from Formula 1 motor racing pitlanes, to Aircraft hangars to Automotive service centres.
Sonic asked RDD to develop an all new, comprehensive workshop system suitable for all categories of applications and end users.
Thorough analysis of the market, and hundreds of hours spent in maintenance workshops gave clear insights into the problems to be tackled, and the opportunities to make a real difference.
Our engineering team developed every part of the new system, bringing innovation to features and ensuring any combination of kits is possible to suit every maintenance need.
Modularity was a key goal, minimising investment for the greatest possible gain.
RDD were engaged with the incumbent manufacturing facility from the very beginning, to ensure a thorough understanding of capability that fed into the concept and detail refinement of every component. We were also responsible for sourcing activities, ensuring the integration of the best supporting systems, such as I.T. and diagnostics, security and other essential service equipment.
Design, fit and finish have raised the bar for the industry, but without the cost penalties often associated with such significant change.
RDD has supported the program right into launch and beyond, supporting marketing activities and online configuration tools.
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