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RH powerbank case study


RHA are a leading electronics manufacturer based in China. They specialise in battery based systems across a variety of products, from small charging devices through to powerful energy storage for heavyweight applications.

RDD developed a new range of compact lithium power banks, small enough to carry as portable power banks, but powerful enough to jump start smaller engines, such as motor bike and smaller autos.


Insight and Analysis helped to establish the target specifications and price points, and the user interface to make them easy to operate and safe for all users.

The electronic battery management system ensures optimal performance across all types of demand, from gentle steady top up of a mobile device, through to powerful delivery of energy to jump start a gasoline engine.

A new Industrial Design language encases the smart internal tech, to reinforce the quality of each device, and ensuring all are recognisably from RHA.

RDD supported the program from start to finish, seeing the new devices through from development, into tooling and the safety approvals process and on into market launch.

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