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Preon electrostatic disinfectant sprayer case study


Preon didn’t invent Electrostatic Spraying for Virus control – but working together with RDD+ they created something genuinely new – bringing effective, intuitive Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying to everyone at affordable price. 

This all new, innovative product was developed from the ground up, beginning with a thorough evaluation of the benefits, challenges and effectiveness of disinfection and virus control of any space where people gather or pass through.

A durable, affordable, and highly efficient electrostatic spray system is at the heart of Preon, capable of maximising surface coverage and virus killing disinfection while using the minimum amount of disinfection liquid. 

Critical to Preon’s success is a  key outcome of RDD+’s research and innovation process,  enabling  Preon to build a single primary product – instead of 3 – with a range of intuitive, easy to use modular accessories and upgrades, meaning Preon can reach the broadest possible range of users with the efficient, targeted investment, all the way from  home users through to disinfecting large spaces like theatres and mass transit interiors.

RDD+ delivered the entire project, from initial research through to mass production and shipping, creating a beautifully engineered electrostatic spray system on a highly efficient lithium-ion battery platform, a unique product brand language, environmentally friendly packaging, clearing intellectual property hurdles and ensuring Preon gains robust patent protection for their new technology. Delivered on time, on cost and on quality.

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