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Aosheng cordless garden equipment case study

Clean Power for the Professional

Aosheng is the market leader in professional garden equipment within the China domestic market, and has significant share internationally. This all new range of professional garden equipment was developed to completely replace existing Gasoline driven tools with Lithium Ion battery power without any compromise in performance.
Beginning with comprehensive research, to establish key user requirements, performance parameters, market potential and market pricing that would go on to inform the choice of tools in the range, and their detailed specification. An additional series of challenges related to reconciling the needs of the domestic China market, against the potential for overseas export of the new range
In addition to outstanding engineering, we also developed a completely new design style to shift perception of the Aosheng brand, without adding unnecessary cost, and additionally bringing high levels of comfort and easy operation to reduce user fatigue for tools that could be in use for hours at a time.
A full systems approach to the development of the battery platform and the specific demands of each tool meant no compromise in operating efficiency ensuring professional users can rely on these tools all day every day.
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